Brooklyn Community Gardens

bg视讯 has built more than 150 new gardens, including GreenThumb community gardens; gardens in public housing developments, daycares, and senior centers; and our urban farm on Governors Island. We build about 10 new gardens a year and do renovation projects at an additional 25.

New Yorkers can find out more information about the community gardens that we've built in the BronxBrooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, or Staten Island.

Interested in joining one of NYC's 600 community gardens? Find one on OASIS map or on Green Thumb's website.


Cheryl's Villa Garden (1997)
First Quincy Street Block Association (2004)
Gates Harvest Garden (2017)
Golden Harvest Garden (2013)
Hattie Carthan Community Garden (2019)
Kosciusko Garden/Learning Center (1998)
Progressive Adventure Playland (1987)
The Pulaski Playhouse Garden (1999)
Spencer's Little Heaven (2001)
Whole Neighborhood Garden (2013)

Boerum Hill
Wyckoff-Bond Garden (1979)

Amboy Neighborhood Garden (1982)
Brownsville Green Community Garden (2015)
E. Lincoln Housing Community Garden (1997-2002)
ENY Success Garden (2015)
Georgia Avenue Community Garden (2018)
Our Lady of The Presentation Garden (1983)
Phoenix Community Garden (2007)

Children's Grove/Arboleda de Ninos (2006)
Good Life Garden (2018)
Howard's Glen Garden (1994-1997)
Moffat Street Garden (2016)

Crown Heights
1100 Block Bergen Street Association (1982)
196 Albany Avenue Park/Playground (1995)
Union Street Garden (Eastern Parkway Coaltion Garden) (2005)

Ponderosa Garden (2020)

East New York
400 Montauk Block Association Community Garden (2016)
Ashford Learning Garden (2014)
Chestnut Street Community Garden (2014)
Clara's Garden (2020)
El Jardin del Pueblo (2012)
Elton Court Garden/UJIMA II (2001)
Family Community Garden (2019)
Fannie Barnes Children's Playground (1992)
Glenmore Grown Garden (2014)
Linwood Street Garden (Pagan's Garden) (2017)
Nehemiah Ten Community Garden (2019)
P.S. 4 Paradise Garden (1996)
The Ujima I Garden (1995)
Warwick Street Greenery Glow Garden (2016)

East 43rd Street Block Association Community Garden (2015)

Lentol Garden (2018)

Ocean Hill
Hull Street Community Garden (2001)
The Miracle Playground (1991-2004)
Our Lady of Lourdes Garden (1981-2016)

Park Slope
Greenspace @ President Street (2006)

Vinegar Hill
Vinegar Hill Community Garden (2013)

Hooper Grove (2017)
Keap Fourth Community Garden (2013)
McCarren Park Demonstration Garden (2016)
Placita Infantil at Nuestros Ninos Daycare (1991)
Powers Street (2020)
Sunshine Community Garden (1996)


Every year, bg视讯 holds our Annual Spring Plant Sale in order to provide community groups with affordable perennial and annual flowering plants, herbs, ground covers, and vegetables grown by Greenmarket farmers and sold in wholesale quantities.