Frequently Asked Questions

What is Greenmarket?

Greenmarket operates farmers markets in NYC. Over 200 local farmers, fishers and bakers sell what they grow, raise, catch and bake themselves. Middlemen or brokers are not allowed. Since 1976 we`ve worked to conserve farmland and ensure a continuing supply of fresh, local produce to New Yorkers. Greenmarket is a program of bg视讯, a privately funded nonprofit organization.



Why buy Local?

Will a Greenmarket open in my neighborhood?

We are always looking for new locations in New York City with heavy foot traffic, room for trucks, and community support.  Learn more.


Are all markets the same size?

Greenmarket manages weekly markets in over 50 city locations. Union Square and Grand Army Plaza boast dozens of farmers each. At other locations, the markets range in size from two to fifteen stands.


Why do different stands sometimes have the same product but of different quality or price?

Each farm at Greenmarket sets their own growing methods, quality standards and prices. Shop around to meet your needs. Whether you are on a budget or looking for a treat, Greenmarket has something for you.


What is in season?

See what's available. using our harvest charts, or download the Union Square Greenmarket App


Why can't I buy oranges at Greenmarket, or peaches in winter?

Greenmarket farmers raise their crops on farmland in upstate New York and in neighboring states. Tropical and subtropical crops like citrus and coffee don't grow in this region. Greenmarket farmers' homegrown crops showcase seasonal bounty such as asparagus and rhubarb in spring, peaches and corn in summer, pumpkins and pears in fall. Dairy, meats, honey, wool and more are available year-round. 


Can I buy raw milk and raw milk products at Greenmarket?

By law, fluid milk must be pasteurized in order for it to be sold at farmers markets in New York State. Farmers may sell aged cheeses made from raw/unpasteurized milk, provided it is aged at least 60 days. New York State does license some dairy farms to sell raw/unpasteurized milk from their farms, but customers must travel to the farm to make the purchase. 


Do Greenmarket farmers use organic methods?

Some do. All are personally invested in the health of the water, soil, and air on the farms where they live and raise their families. Ask the farmer about their methods.Many customers seek out farmers markets for just that reason to meet the farmer and ask how they raised each crop.


How fresh is the food sold at Greenmarket?

Ask the farmer. Many crops were harvested less than 24 hours before market. Some foods keep longer, such as onions, apples, potatoes and cheese. Because Greenmarket farmers grow these foods themselves and bring them from their local farms that morning, their products travel a very short time and distance from the farm to you. All Greenmarket participants are required to follow safety standards prescribed by the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets. Farms, facilities, and markets are inspected to insure compliance.


What happens to unsold food?

Unsold produce feeds the hungry. In 2017 Greenmarket farmers and bakers donated nearly 1 million pounds of food to City Harvest, Food Bank of New York City, and neighborhood soup kitchens and food pantries.


May I bring my dog to Greenmarket?

Most Greenmarkets are outdoors in public spaces, and the presence of dogs and the responsibilities of dog owners are governed by NYC law. Mindful dog walkers with well-behaved, leashed dogs, are welcome in our outdoor markets.  If you bring your dog, ensure he/she does not "mark" inside farm stands, and remember it can be a challenge to walk a dog in crowds and the tight spaces between tables.


May I visit the farms?

Some farms, especially orchards, welcome visitors for pick-your-own. Ask at the stand or see our list of pick-your-own farms.


May I buy a gift card or certificate?

While Greenmarket does not have a gift certificate available for purchase, customers may purchase debit/credit tokens at most Greenmarkets and gives these tokens to friends/family as gifts. The tokens are accepted by most Greenmarket farmers and can be used to purchase any item in Greenmarket. For a list of locations where you can purchase debit/credit tokens check out the individual market pages found here our markets


What is an EBT card? What is a FMNP coupon?

EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) is used in New York City and New York State to administer Food Stamps and other benefits. This "Food Card" is similar to a debit card, and allows the user to access his/her food stamp account. Customers with food stamps can now swipe their card for tokens, which they then use to shop for produce, meat, dairy, baked goods and other foods at many Greenmarket locations.
FMNP provides coupons to Women, Infants and Children Program (WIC) recipients and to Seniors in the Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) for the purchase of locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables at farmers markets from July to mid-November. FMNP checks enable WIC participants and CSFP Seniors to obtain this nutritious fresh produce in addition to the foods WIC and CSFP provides. Inquire about eligibility for FMNP at your local WIC or Senior Center. If you need assistance finding a center near you please call 311.
Learn more about tokens and coupons in Greenmarkets


How is Greenmarket funded?

Farmers pay a fee to sell at Greenmarket. Donations and grants are gratefully received from individual, foundations and corporations. Donate now.


How do I get involved?

We are always looking for volunteers to do everything from data entry to cooking demonstrations. See our volunteer page for more information and to fill out a volunteer application.


May my organization or community group have a table at a Greenmarket?

From time to time, Greenmarket allows organizations aligned with our mission to conduct promotional activity as market guests.  Please fill out a request.  Please note, market guests may distribute information or literature, and talk to customers. Guests may not sell services, merchandise and/or solicit donations. Guests must bring any equipment needed (e.g. tables and chairs); we do not provide equipment, electricity, or facilities.


Will Greenmarket come to an event that I am planning?

Please use our special event tabling request.


May I apply to film or photograph in a Greenmarket?

Fill out a request here


I am interested in starting my own farm business; can Greenmarket help?

Greenmarket's Technical Assistance program, FARMroots, educates and supports aspiring farmers with agricultural experience to establish their own economically sustainable small farm business in the NYC region. Every year FARMroots runs an 8 week whole-farm planning course from fall into early winter. Learn more about the Farm Beginnings training program.


Does Greenmarket have rules?

Yes, we use rules to govern our markets, define participant and product eligibility, and set expectations for our participants. 


May I sell at Greenmarket?

We have detailed requirements for eligibility of producers and for each category of product that may be sold in our markets, so as to ensure the support our mission: to support regional farmers and preserve the region's farmland for the future.

If you are a local farmer interested in selling the product you grow or raise, please fill out this Farmer Questionnaire to request an application.

If you are not a farmer, we accept non-farmer producers for very limited categories of products. These are exclusively seafood, preserves (jams, jellies, pickles, chutneys) and baked goods. Local fishers may sell seafood they harvest from mid-Atlantic waters using their own commercial fishing boats. Local preserve makers may sell preserves they make from locally grown produce. Local bakers may sell baked goods they make using locally grown ingredients (flour, produce, dairy, meat, eggs, sweeteners, etc). If you are not a farmer, but a producer whose product fits these very limited categories, please fill out this Non-Farmer Questionnaire to request an application. 

Please note, we may not consider: resellers, cooperatives, anyone that is not the farmer or producer, anyone outside of our local region, or non farmer producers that do not conform to three categories detailed above.

You must have the free Acrobat Reader 8 or higher installed to fill out the questionnaires. We will not be able to view your submission if you use the Mac native PDF viewer or if you use an older version of Adobe.

Every year, bg视讯 holds our Annual Spring Plant Sale in order to provide community groups with affordable perennial and annual flowering plants, herbs, ground covers, and vegetables grown by Greenmarket farmers and sold in wholesale quantities.